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  Children clothing used to be natural. Baby clothes were made from organic cotton or linen, which breathes, deters bacteria and wicks away moisture. Now, with newer methods of processing of tough fibers like hemp and bamboo, there are even more choices. Skin is kids largest organ, clothes are in contact with it all the time and the rise of skin sensitivities, allergies and eczema in kids is noticeable. We cannot promise that these problems will improve with organic baby clothes but we sure feel better knowing that our kids organic clothes were made and grown without carcogenic toxins. Both our boys are quite sensitive to environmental pollutants and organic clothes work well for them.

Give it a try! Organic clothes are easy on the kids skin AND kind to the planet.

Organic kidsclothes

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"I just wanted to let you know that my sister just loved her gifts. They fit beautifully and she was very touched by the onesie you gave her for the baby! So, again, THANK YOU! V.B."
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"I received my order and LOVE both items!" T.S.

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