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"I just wanted to let you know that my sister just loved her gifts. They fit beautifully and she was very touched by the onesie you gave her for the baby! So, again, THANK YOU! V.B."

"I received my order and LOVE both items!" T.S.



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    What's so important about organic underwear?


    This is a category of products which we feel very passionate about - socks and underwear. These garments are next to your skin, they literally take the heat, absorb sweat and interact with your body most intimately. 

    If you ever wanted to switch to organic clothing, the place to start is right here. 

    Why? Click here and find out.  

    Organic socks saved my feet! I started having cracked and painful soles of my feet and could not find the reason or sufficient handling for it. Since I switched to organic socks all the problems went away. I will never wear any other socks again!

    "Thank you very much for your help. The package was at my doorstep yesterday. Anyway, no more worries! It is a beautiful shawl and I'll be sure to tell her where I ordered it from and about how wonderful you've been!  Best regards, L.S."
    "I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new tops!! The quality and comfort does not compare to other clothing I own (I do have expensive taste and "used to buy" from top name Department stores). I can even feel the quality in the underpants! What do I  look most for each morning?... Hmmm, where is my Lotus top?, or where is my organic hoodie. Thank you for the top notch service, your care for the planet, and amazing products! " J.S.

    "The clothing is great! I like the fair trade policy, pricing and style. Awesome products!"   J.S.

    "I got my package and everything fits…good call on tee!!  I really like the mauve salal tank, too.  And thanks for the market bag…I will definitely use it!  I really like this one because it is large but lightweight.  I usually keep a canvas bag folded in the pocket of my diaper bag when I’m out shopping, but all of the bags I have now are bulky so this one will be perfect." K.W.
    "I love this company and their natural products ! just ordered yesterday pure cotton organic jeans, great !!! Look very chic and comfortable. As a customer and yoga teacher I support this company at 100%. Please support organic and sustainable clothing. Do your part!" A.L.
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