Bamboo clothing - facts about the new eco-friendly fiber

Bamboo clothing (bamboo viscose)

bamboo plantBamboo - world's fastest growing plant

Bamboo has been used for many different applications for centuries but bamboo clothing is relatively new, developed just in the last few years.
Value  of bamboo clothing to Health: 
Bamboo clothing has excellent moisture management - clothing made from bamboo can absorb and evaporate perspiration very fast. The cross section of the bamboo fiber has various micro-gaps and holes, which enables moisture absorption and ventilation, better than cotton. It has also anti-bacterial properties - contains a unique anti-bacterial agent named kun", which bonds with bamboo cellulose during the fiber growth and is retained in fabric. The result can be less sweat and less body odor. 
This is different from any chemical processes or additives used in coneventional garments, causing skin allergy. Bamboo clothing has anti-UV effect and anti-static properties, increased by its excellent moisture absorption. 
Bamboo clothing is very suitable for sensitive skin, since there are no harsh chemical treatments which can irritate skin surface, as well as smooth and round fiber is easy on the skin. Many of our customers who react negatively to other textiles are able to wear bamboo without problems.

bamboo clothingFashion:      Bamboo clothing is very soft and smooth, with bit of sheen similar to silk or cashmere. With anti-static properties it does not cling to the body and drapes really well, complementing the shape. It also moves freely enhancing the style of the garment.  This fiber fascinates many designers who work with bamboo.

Environment:      As a plant, bamboo is quite incredible. It is a grass considered to be the fastest growing plant on earth and is known to improve soil quality. It's actually a grass and some varieties can grow up to 3 - 4 feet a day. 
Its extensive root system naturally replenish itself and is grown without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  Bamboo minimizes CO2 and generates up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees.  Bamboo can even improve soil quality in places where erosion and degradation of the natural minerals has occurred. It needs very little water to grow, which means it can thrive in a variety of climates without depleting water supplies.
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Bamboo has been used for many different applications for centuries but as a bamboo clothing is relatively new, developed just in the last few years.

There is a lot of attention about manufacturing textiles from bamboo. If the strong chemicals are used, it nullifies the benefits of this fast growing plant. The manufacturers of our bamboo clothing uses low impact products in its process. It is processed by proprietary technologies developed by Naturally Advanced Technologies Inc., and its subsidiary, Crailar Fiber Technologies Inc. It offers cost-effective and environmentally sustainable processing of natural environmentally friendly fibers and fabrics.

Bamboo fiber  is a type of viscose, as it is a regenerated cellulose fibre. The steaming process extracts bamboo leaves and the soft, inner pith from the bamboo trunk and then mechanically crushes it. The crushed bamboo is soaked in sodium hydroxide to produce cellulose. A misconception that sodium hydroxide is a harmful chemical, is inaccurate. If used responsibly sodium hydroxide has negative effect on the environment and health of workers. It is routinely used in the processing of organic cotton into fibre and is approved by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and the Soil Association. It does not remain as a residue on clothing. Then the cellulose is converted into bamboo fibre threads, then spun into yarn. The process is a closed loop process, reusing substances involved. There is another process of manufacturing bamboo fiber though it is much more mechanically (energy) demanding with result higher costs and smaller quantities of products. Natural Clothing Co as a retailer is committed to continual search for the best products for their customers form viewpoints of environment protection, as well as benefits and value for the users. At this time, most of our clothing with ingredient "bamboo" represents actual viscose from bamboo.

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