Bamboo - facts about the world's most renewable fiber

Bamboo clothing (bamboo viscose)

bamboo plant

Bamboo has been used for many different applications for centuries but bamboo clothing is relatively new, developed just in the last few years.

Value  of bamboo clothing to Health: 
Bamboo clothing has excellent moisture management - clothing made from bamboo can absorb and evaporate perspiration very fast. The cross section of the bamboo fiber has various micro-gaps and holes, which enables moisture absorption and ventilation, better than cotton. It has also anti-bacterial properties due to unique anti-bacterial agent, which is retained in fabric. The result can be less sweat and less body odor. 
This is different from any chemical processes or additives used in coneventional garments, causing skin allergy. Bamboo clothing has inherent anti-UV effect and anti-static properties, increased by its excellent moisture absorption. 
The result is clothing very suitable for sensitive skin, as we had a chance to experience with many of our sensitive skin customers who tolerated it very well. Many of them are able to wear bamboo clothes without problems, that is the main reason why we stock bamboo clothing, towels and bed sheets.

Fashion:      Bamboo clothing is very soft and smooth, with bit of sheen similar to silk or cashmere. With anti-static properties it does not cling to the body and drapes really well, complementing the shape. It also moves freely enhancing the style of the garment.  This fiber fascinates many designers who work with bamboo.

Environment:   Incredible speed of bamboo growth makes it very renewable plant. It is a grass considered to be the fastest growing plant on earth and is known to improve soil quality. It's actually a grass and some varieties can grow up to 3 - 4 feet a day. 
Its extensive root system naturally replenish itself and is grown without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  Bamboo minimizes CO2 and generates up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees.  Bamboo can even improve soil quality in places where erosion and degradation of the natural minerals has occurred. It needs very little water to grow, which means it can thrive in a variety of climates without depleting water supplies. Our products are made from the organically grown bamboo species moso, which is not eaten by Pandas.

Manufacturing: Bamboo has been used for centuries but as a textile, it is a relatively new application.

Bamboo textile at this time is manufactured only in China. Some garments are produced in other countries, including U.S.A. but the textile comes from China. We are, just like you, concerned about conditions of human labour. The manufacturer we use provides high standard not only of quality products but also for working conditions of employees (see pictures below).

There has been many concerns about manufacturing bamboo textiles with many misconceptions. The steaming process extracts bamboo leaves and the , inner pith and then mechanically crushes it. The crushed bamboo is put through a process of hydrolysis-alkalization involving sodium hydroxide to produce cellulose. If used responsibly sodium hydroxide is also used in the processing of organic cotton, approved by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and the Soil Association. The process is a closed loop with  negligible release of byproducts into the environment. One of the main reasons is not just environment protection but a plain economy of re-using the solvents.

Bamboo fiber  is a regenerated cellulose fibre so FTC requires to call it  a  viscose. Then the cellulose is converted into bamboo fibre threads and spun into yarn.

Natural Clothing Co as a retailer is committed to continual search for the best products from viewpoint of environment protection, as well as value for the users. Some of our bamboo clothing is made by trademark Nomo process using Lyocell (Tencel) Process with zero chemical waste, zero harmful gases released into the air and 99% of organic compound is recycled and reused.

To meet FTC regulation all our clothing with ingredient "bamboo" represents actual viscose from bamboo.

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Women's Bamboo Clothes

Bamboo and Hemp Bias BlouseBamboo and Hemp Bias Blouse
Bamboo and Silk SweaterBamboo and Silk Sweater
Bamboo Cross V BlouseBamboo Cross V Blouse
Bamboo Dream topBamboo Dream top
Bamboo dress slipBamboo dress slip
Bamboo lace bikiniBamboo lace bikini
Bamboo lace camiBamboo lace cami
Bamboo Lace CamiBamboo Lace Cami
Bamboo Lace NightgownBamboo Lace Nightgown
Bamboo Long Sleeve Lace TunicBamboo Long Sleeve Lace Tunic
Bamboo Lounge PantsBamboo Lounge Pants
Bamboo PajamaBamboo Pajama
Bamboo SkirtBamboo Skirt
Bamboo Straight Leg PantsBamboo Straight Leg Pants
Bamboo Towel - 3 piece setBamboo Towel - 3 piece set
Drape Neck BlouseDrape Neck Blouse
Organic Cotton Unisex BathrobeOrganic Cotton Unisex Bathrobe
Silk CardiganSilk Cardigan
Skinny Yoga PantsSkinny Yoga Pants
Softly Padded Organic BraSoftly Padded Organic Bra
Tulip flared skirtTulip flared skirt
Women's Bamboo Short Sleeve TeeWomen's Bamboo Short Sleeve Tee
Women's silk tank sleevelessWomen's silk tank sleeveless

Men's Bamboo Clothes

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