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About us

Natural Clothing Company in Seattle area

Welcome, so happy you found us! In Seattle area? visit us!

1020 First St, #102, Snohomish, WA

Tuesday - Sunday:  11 till 5 pm, Mon - closed

info (at) NaturalClothingCompany (dot) com 
tel. 877-800-8878 or 360-243-3143

Natural Clothing Company's goal is to re-connect people with beauty and health benefits of natural and organic clothing. We want to improve your life by giving a choice of clothes that breathe, don't use chemicals and spare Earth toxins used in conventional clothes.  Fashion can be made ethically, with no toxins for your skin and no garbage left for the planet to deal with. Join us!

Natural Clothing Company Snohomish WA Our goal is:
  - to benefit our community and clients,  
 - to benefit the environment and  
 - to be sustainable as business.
   We appreciate each single person choosing organics over nylon, quality over sweatshops. We share educational information about benefits and challenges of different fibers. We list all ingredients of the garment and where it was manufactured. We try to price it reasonable. 
   Our sole purpose is to honestly offer healthier choices for you and for the Earth. 
We are all in it together. 
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In our store all our lights are the most efficient energy LED lights. We rarely used air-conditioning and save electricity by cross-ventilation. We even  we have live green plants cleaning air. We recycle our boxes for shipping or garden (weed barrier and compost). We use washable plates, glasses and napkins. We have compost bin for scraps. We re-use whatever we can, recycle the rest, our goal being zero-waste, personally as well as business. 
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For most of the products we don't use plastic bags. We use USPS as they already deliver to every household in U.S. so there is no extra fuel used. We LOVE our community and support public events in our beautiful town, we organize Earth Day in Snohomish.

These are minor steps but we do best we can.  If you would like to stay in touch with us and get free updates and occasional discounts, sign here for our e-news
If you are in the area stop by and say "Hi!"                                                                                     

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"I just wanted to let you know that my sister just loved her gifts. They fit beautifully and she was very touched by the onesie you gave her for the baby! So, again, THANK YOU! V.B."
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