Organic cotton clothing makes difference for your health and the health of planet
organic cottonOrganic Cotton - the staple of organic clothes
Value and Health of Organic Cotton clothing: 
organic cotton clothing, organic clothingCotton fibers have great qualities: it breathes, making it comfortable and healthy in hot weather. It protects from UV rays. It can be finished to different quality of softness and without chemicals, it is pleasant to the skin.
Most important - organic cotton is safe  for the skin, your body largest organ.

Organic cotton is widely embraced by holistic practitioners as having positive "chi" or energy, which can benefit people - especially those suffering or recovering from illness. Many people with chemical sensitivities can wear organic cotton clothing but are unable to wear conventional cotton due to allergic reactions to the dyes and chemical traces it contains. See the information at the bottom of the page about toxicity of pesticides used in conventional cotton. 

Eco-friendly processing used in manufacturing of organic clothing does not compromise workers' health and helps reduce water and electric use and toxic runoff, e.g. non-chlorine bleach, silicon-free softeners and low impact, azo-free dyes.

Stella McCartney clothingFashion:      Organic cotton clothing is irreplaceable in fashion industry and from now on will be.  Stella McCartney, Eileen Fisher and a long list of other names promotes this organic fiber. It is a very strong trend supported by arts and fashion schools, studios but most importantly organic clothing is strongly demanded by eco-conscious consumers.

chemicals spreyed cottonEnvironment:    Cotton is one of the most polluted crops on earth, perhaps due to a wrong perception as a non-food crop, causing a significant risk to our freshwater.  Picture these numbers: cotton uses 24% of global insecticides market but at the same time, its acreage amounts to only 2.4% of the world's cultivated land.

Well...  It is obvious that the pesticide use for cotton way out of proportion, where all nine pesticides used on cotton in the U.S. are classified by the U.S. EPA as Category I and II- the most dangerous chemicals. were originally developed as toxic nerve agents during WWII and they have been linked to many forms of cancers. Some are 60 times more toxic that DDT! EPA considers 7 of the top 15 pesticides used on cotton as "likely" or "known" human carcinogens.

What does this mean to You? If you love your favorite T-shirt and pair of jeans...

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Organic Cotton - the safest fiber for your skin

Note: For a complete list of our products use Women's, Men's etc. categories.

Organic Cotton (about 90% to 100% organic cotton)

Ankle skirtAnkle skirtOrganic Cotton Long Skirt
Cardigan & pants setCardigan & pants setBeautiful 100% certified organic cotton cardigan and pants. Soft and safe for your baby.
Cushion Knee-Hi-stripedCushion Knee-Hi-stripedCushion KneeHis are a true knee length with fun colorful stripes.
Live Green Organic Tank Top- SeedLive Green Organic Tank Top- Seed
Live Green Organic Tee - chickenLive Green Organic Tee - chickenUnique 100% organic cotton tee shirt with image of green life: chicken, freedom horse or sprouting seed. Made of organic cotton, grown pesticide-free and produced in USA.
Live Green Organic Tee - HorseLive Green Organic Tee - HorseUnique 100% Organic cotton Tee with a beautiful horse design. Made of organic cotton, grown pesticide-free and produced in USA.
Live Green Organic Tee- SeedLive Green Organic Tee- SeedLovely Tee with a subtle seed. Beautiful and perfect for your green lifestyle.
Long sleeve top w/ leggingsLong sleeve top w/ leggingsBeautiful 100% certified organic cotton top with leggings. Soft and safe for your girl. 
Lotus TopLotus TopOrganic Cotton top
Men's  V-neck T-shirtMen's V-neck T-shirtEco-friendly fiber men's V-neck t-shirt. Made of organic cotton and recycled polyester.
Men's Long Sleeve ShirtMen's Long Sleeve Shirt100% organic cotton  men's long sleeve shirt. Soft and comfortable!
Men's organic cotton hoodieMen's organic cotton hoodieMen's organic cotton hoodie, Fair Trade certified.
Men's organic cotton long johns - patternMen's organic cotton long johns - patternOrganic cotton long johns, patterned.
Men's Organic Long JohnsMen's Organic Long JohnsCertified organic cotton men's long johns. Stay warm in cold weather!
Men's Organic Lounge PantsMen's Organic Lounge PantsCertified organic cotton lounge/yoga pants. Soft and comfortable!
Men's Organic T-shirt - VW busMen's Organic T-shirt - VW busGreat organic tee for a bicycling and recycling enthusiast.
Organic Baby and Kids Long Johns setOrganic Baby and Kids Long Johns setSweet Scrappy Cat and Dog pattern on 100% certified organic cotton long johns. Soft and safe for your child.
Organic Baby Bubble DressOrganic Baby Bubble DressBeautiful 100% certified organic cotton adorable girl's dress.
Organic Baby Long Johns - red stripeOrganic Baby Long Johns - red stripeBeautiful 100% certified organic cotton long johns. Soft and safe for your baby.
Organic Bathrobe - stripedOrganic Bathrobe - stripedCertified organiccotton bathrobe
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What does this mean to You? If you love wearing your favorite T-shirt and pair of jeans, as we do, you have to live with the fact that it took a lot of chemicals, many of them carcinogenic (cancer creating) to create it. To "solve" the problem, a recent wave of Genetically Modified cotton has became widespread, covering 43 percent of the world's cotton. Bear with us, it sounds technical but it's worth to get it - GMO cotton is modified to tolerate the application of glyphosate (an active ingredient in commercial herbicides), so it can be applied freely without destroying the plant.

That glyphosate causes a range of cell mutations, damage to cell DNA and cancer. The residues of glyphosate have been found in a variety of fruits and vegetables and since it is inside the plant tissues, it CAN NOT be washed off. "Extremely persistent under typical application conditions" says report from The US Environmental Protection Agency. An additional concern related to using glyphosate on cotton is that the herbicide has been shown to move from cotton fabric into and through human skin.

You know the answer. The solution is NOT a better pesticide, but crops without poisons and chemicals. Organic cotton production maintains and regenerates soil fertility without chemicals, toxins, pesticides, fertilizers, GM seeds or sprays. That is not enough, though. Processing of fibers into organic cotton clothing has to be a systems that breaks down the fibers without harsh chemicals, like formaldehyde and similar. A 1993 EPA study estimated that 'one to two million' birds are killed annually by just one insecticide used on cotton! Genetically modified cotton now accounts for 75% of cotton grown conventionally and cottonseed oil is used in many processed and snack foods, as well as cottonseed is used in cattle feed.

Finally, in California it became illegal to feed cotton to cattle. Instead, it is set aside to make hygiene and clothing products for us and our babies... Let's wake up! Organic practices have a lower carbon footprint, as the entire process consumes less fuel and energy and emits fewer greenhouse gases. But also does not leave dead fish, birds or people.

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