Green Fashion Show

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On January  16th, 2010 Natural Clothing Company invited by local Grilla Bites Cafe in Snohomish, Wa  presented benefits of organic clothing to the community. Evening was filled with fun, organic bites, wine and live music from local Thumbnail Theater. There was also presentation from Karen Erickson about recycling, apparel from local consignment store and handsome aprons made from used shirts. Check out the pictures and let us know what you think!


The hosts: Annie, the owner of Grilla Bites Cafe and Alina and Bob, owners of Natural Clothing Company were all wearing eco-friendly, fair trade organic clothing from their business.

hemp clothing   organic cotton clothing  


Hemp clothing beautifully dyed with natural dyes looked gorgeous on models of any age. Graciously volunteered: a local artist Elaine and a student, Claire. This handsome hat on a model? These are grocery bags, skillfully put together by Karen Erickson.


hemp dress   hemp tunic dress sweater   hemp tunic dress sweater hemp tunic dress sweater hemp scarves

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Organic Cotton clothing

Beautiful organic cotton clothing is made and grown without pesticides or chemicals. Compare it to conventional cotton which uses 24% of worlds insecticides!

organic cotton clothing      organic cotton clothing      organic cotton & bamboo shirt


Bamboo viscose and other fiber mixes drape beautifully on a body and producse beautiful selection of apparel. Debbie in bamboo/organic cotton dress represents Historic Downtown Snohomish Business Association.

bamboo clothing   bamboo clothing   bamboo reversible clothing

Musicians from Thumbnail Theater, guests, Cindrella Closet young model and beautiful recycled shirt aprons.
Thumbnail Theater   recycled clothing   recycled aprons
We would LOVE to hear from you - Check out the pictures and let us know if you have any questions or comments!




Alina Bartell   NEW, exciting and unique - perfect for YOU! 

If you want to learn more about which fashion style works well for YOUR particular body type to make better decision - here is a great tool. This link offers a Do It Yourself Makover, which you can utilize with the clothes and accessories you already have or the ones you are thinking of purchasing. It is used by professionals who charge hundreds of dollars for their consultation - and who has time and $ for that?

No, we don't mean just the latest style. What you get is a good image - find out what will fit right, is flattering for your style and body, is right just for YOU! It does not have to be the "newest" style at all. These times are competitive - you want to have your independent style and look great!


By the way, men's own version coming soon - so guys do not despair, we do care about you!


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